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Spring Sunday To-Do List

1. Make rhubarb rosemary mini galettes.

2. Draw pictures of yesterday’s farmers market produce.

3. Rethink strategy to keep cats out of garden bed.

4. Harden off seedlings.

5. Deliver galettes and bean starts to friends down the street.

6. Return to garden store for more potting soil. Inquire about plans to reward customers who spend too much money there.

7. Pick up library book to add to the stack.

7. Put the sand paper next to the dining room chairs in the vain hope that the chairs will one day be resanded, repainted and recained.

8. Finish tilling the garden bed.

9. Do yoga because your back hurts from tilling the garden bed.

If time allows, work on business plan.


  1. khway says:

    I MUST have the recipe for the rhubarb rosemary mini galettes. Would you mind sharing (or inviting me over the next time you make them)? 🙂

    • I’m planning to do a post on the rhubarb galettes. Until then, I use Deborah Madison’s galette dough recipe from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, and Martha Stewart’s rhubarb galette filling but I don’t put in all her spices and I add chopped fresh rosemary. Go easy the first time to see how you like it. You could also add chopped mint.

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