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Agile, multifaceted and lean.

Unlike a shipliner I can turn easily, offering the right services to meet you where you are.

Finding overlooked opportunities.

It might be all those mysteries I watch, but I’m pretty good at leaving no stone unturned.

Honest broker.

I won’t to sell you a new logo if what you really need is a better story,
or a new site if what you really need is a site audit.


Let’s Work Together

Below are some of the ways we can work together depending where you are.
These are custom services based on your goals, challenges and needs.
If you’re looking for two packaged services,
learn about my Website Audits and Brand Rejuvention Review.

Tending the Foundation

Creative, big-picture strategy

Not your logo, your name, your website or marketing brochure. This is everything but, from who you serve and why, to what makes you different. This is where you hang your hat. This is the rich soil that nurtures your brand. Here, challenges become opportunities. Value is illuminated. Vision is expressed with clarity. Imagine relief combined with renewed enthusiasm for you and your team. Before a brand refresh or website overhaul, consider and brand or website audit.

Minding the Words

Names, Taglines, High-level messaging, content

Smart businesses know the importance of well-chosen words…and how hard they are to come by. A story can delight or fall flat, be authentic or suspicious, garbled or clear as a bell. Your name should be memorable and roll off the tongue. Your message should inspire someone to say, “Hey, that’s me they’re talking to!” Learn more ››

Shaping the Image

visual design for print & web

The face of your vision, value and voice. Your logo, the font on your marketing brochure, the look and feel of your website. The brand guide that keeps your team in sync. The annual report that sings your achievements. Smart, beautiful visual solutions that move your story along. See work ››

Giving Counsel

Creative consulting

Sometimes we hit roadblocks. That’s where another brain can give us a push to the essential next step. Maybe you need to realign with your purpose, feel confident you’re on the right track or have a fresh set of eyes review your emerging brand identity. It’s your call. I ask the right questions that confirm suspicions or inspire new ideas. One-on-one. Mind-to-mind. Get in touch.