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Sometimes You Have to Fake It

IF YOU’RE A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, or even a big business owner, you don’t wake up every single day believing in yourself and your product or service. Anyone who says they do isn’t being honest. Why? Because it’s natural to have doubt. It’s natural to have an off day. It’s natural to think someone else is doing what you’re doing, but much better.

The difference between your small business and their big business is that the big business has teams of people to act as buffers. When you’re running the entire show, there’s no one else to carry the baton. Promoting your wares when you’re in self-doubt mode can feel inauthentic.

Waiting to market your magic till you feel 100 percent positive about what you do is a tall order. Lows are normal. Self doubt is normal.

Sometimes you just have to fake it. But faking it doesn’t mean being dishonest. It just means that there’s always someone out there who loves your work, wants to know more, is curious about how you do what you do. If you wait till you feel 100 percent great about your work on any given day, you deprive that person of experiencing what you have to offer.

Whether it’s a social media post, a blog entry, an e-newsletter, just put it out there. Find the thread that feels the most real right now. Something unassailable or constant. Don’t spend a lot of time. Learn to develop a healthy distance as if you’re a separate arm of your business that simply has a marketing target.

Go forth.

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