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Since 1996, Allegro Design has helped nonprofits and conscious businesses articulate their vision, value and voice through intelligent, beautiful brand and communication tools. These tools help forge relationships though shareable stories, and activate internal and external confidence and enthusiasm.



Every project, person and business has a key purpose and value. I’m never surprised how often those get lost in a sea of competing priorities, opinions or even fears.

Asking the right questions, making order from chaos, discovering opportunities masquerading as challenges—these qualities are deeply embedded in me.

Early experiences turned me into a sort of intuitive investigator, wanting to understand why people and things worked the way they did. Even with biochemists for parents, I was terrible at chemistry. So it came as a surprise to discover I’m an alchemist of sorts—taking the raw material of why, who, how and what, and transforming them so others can act, learn, create and excel as a result.

Alongside a 25-year career in branding and communication design, I’ve been an educator, volunteer, business mentor, writer, artist, pasta teacher, and now a metalsmith. This diverse background helps me help others find their story, understand who they serve and make their magic tangible.

Why work with Me?

The whole enchilada.
A designer who writes and thinks like a business person? What gives? Many trained designers only design. That’s what they love. That’s what they do. They don’t like marketing or sales. They don’t think in words. But design isn’t separate from your story or the big picture. With me, you get a strategic partner, not a technician.

Size matters.
My lean business allows me to give you a very personalized service at a senior level without the overhead. I can tap into other experts when needed, putting together the right hand-picked team to do the job.

As an interdisciplinary creative, I’m able to connect the dots in complex projects—digging into the big picture and minding the details. This agility not only ensures a seamless process, but allows for rapid problem solving and shifting gears when a different solution is required.

Sound guidance.
With a business-coach-like mindset and an interest in transformation, I seek the hidden truths and have a knack for turning challenges into opportunities. My goal is to leave you and your team newly confident and enthusiastic about minding your business and your brand.