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The Pure Delight of Opening Moo Cards

The new Moo cards are here! The new Moo cards are here! I’m somebody! (Thanks to those who get the reference.)

I really shouldn’t post this and ruin it for you should you ever order your own Moo cards. But I can’t resist.

I designed and ordered cards for a forthcoming jewelry collection before going out of town for 10 days. The timing was deliberate. The box would be awaiting me when I arrived home, and I could indulge in the singular pleasure of undressing, er, opening the package after a long day’s drive. It’s not unlike the pleasure of opening Apple products. But Moo is more fun, less austere.

Having only ordered the standard matte finish cards before, I wasn’t prepared for the sexiness of the Luxe cards box opening experience. And that’s what they’re creating — an experience — one of delight and care. The devil is absolutely in the details. Sure, everyone is opening the same box, but when you’re opening your box, you feel special. It’s a small price to pay for such delight.

You can deliver delight in many ways, no matter how serious your business or organization. Delight doesn’t have to be silly or fun or sexy. Delight can manifest in many ways, appropriate to your product or service. It can be visual. It can be nurturing. It can be clever. It can cheerlead or handhold. Delight is evidence that someone is thinking about you.

Moo Luxe business card main box

I know! It’s exciting, right?

Moo Luxe business card box

Moo Luxe business card box seal

That rubber seal took my breath away. Oooo la la. It almost looks edible. There’s an idea. A pinot noir-flavored seal.

Moo business card box

Ta da! Luxe cards for the uninitiated are double thick with a sliver of color inside. Yum.

You can’t tell from the photo but the fold-over lid has hidden magnets, making for a satisfying clunk when you shut the box. Details, details details.

Moo Luxe business card box detail

Did I mention details? No need to count how many cards you have left. They know some of us are lazy.

Moo Luxe business cards for jewelry line

You can visit my art and jewelry website— Jane Pellicciotto, though you won’t see this brand identity there just yet. One duck in a row at a time.


  1. Abraham Bowater says:

    how did you get the black ink on the black background? what color background did you select on the website under your black and orange logo?

    • Jane Pellicciotto says:

      Hi there. I just emailed you but I’ll also include it here for others to enjoy.

      I think on those cards, I used a “multiply” blending mode in InDesign (or Illustrator). Gray on gray (or color of your choice) but with “multiply” selected, which darkens the gray. Some colors will just intensify and might not get you the look you want. But with gray, it was perfect.

      But the same effect can be made with something like 10 or 20% black graphic on top of any color and set it to Multiply.

      Thank you for asking!

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