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Inspired by Nature

Designers have always used existing colors in photographs to create swatches for headlines, text and other graphic elements. This is easily done by using an eyedropper tool in any graphics program.

Feeling a bit cut off these days from soul-feeding exposure to nature, I revisited some of my favorite images to create some color palettes. River rocks, fruits and vegetables, wild mushrooms, plants…these have always been sources of inspiration for me. Nature always provides a wealth of ideas in the form of texture, repeating patterns, color schemes and shapes. I’m never quite sure how my exposure to natural forms will wend its way into my design work. I just have faith that it will.



Artichokes from the Portland Farmers Market.


My friend Jo’s gumbo spices for Lovejoy Food.


Frozen leaves on a cold September morning at Breitenbush Hot Springs.


Many designers have a fetish for rocks. Perhaps this is one reason why.


Poppy heads after the petals fell off.


Tidepools hold endless fascination for me. The colors and shapes and textures are so varied. The banner for this blog is a montage of images from closeup areas inside tidepools.


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