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The Brand Rejuvenation

Treat your brand as you would a thriving garden

It’s easy for a well-established business to coast for years without an intentional foundation for their brand.

That works for a while.

But then you realize there’s been a shift in your industry or your services, and how you communicate hasn’t kept pace. Or similar businesses have since cropped up and now you don’t sound different enough. Maybe you know who you’re trying to reach but they don’t know you exist.

What is the foundation?

It’s tackling the why, who, how and what of your business in a way that is clear and unequivocal. That can be scary and also thrilling, or at the very least a relief.

Deep down you know what you’re really about, but maybe you struggle every time you need to do outreach because you don’t have the right words or branding tools.

Peace of mind about your brand is underrated.

And so is the confidence in remembering why you came here, what you’re meant to do and who you’re meant to serve.

With a Brand Rejuvenation, the fog lifts, decisions are much easier to make, such as marketing efforts, who to partner with, which products or services to create, and more, because you’re crystal clear on what your unique offering is, why it matters and to whom.

What it includes

  • Two 1.5-hur sessions via Skype or in person (central Portland) spaced over a 2- to 3-week period.
  • Pre-session discovery questions and tools, while I research your business and competition.
  • We review and hone your answers for accuracy, authenticity, difference and strength.
  • Follow-up report that captures all our findings, which can be applied directly towards a visual rebrand, naming, copywriting and/or website design. You can act on it now or keep it in your back pocket when you’re ready for a brand overhaul or updating parts of your brand.

What we can focus on

I meet you where you are in your process. We customize it to fit your needs, but here are some things we can cover:

  • Identifying your key attributes — a set of descriptive words unique to your business that will define your brand in many ways.
  • Review your current brand and discuss challenges and opportunities.
  • Discuss your visual brand identity direction. Is it up to date, appropriate, unique?
  • Brainstorm product and service ideas.
  • Form the basis of or possibly craft a positioning statement to shape your story.
  • Identify your ideal client or customer types and explore ways to engage them.
  • Identify who you are competing with for your product or services.
(Download Brand Rejuvenation as a PDF to share)

Investment: $1500.00

How it works

Click “Book” below and pay via PayPal, I will follow up with a questionnaire
and we’ll get you on the calendar.

Within about a week of our second session, you’ll receive a report that captures our discovery
and refinements, and includes observations and recommendations for moving forward.

a Brand Rejuvenation