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A Small-business Website Review

Reach the people who matter most with a website that works for you, not against you.
This service is perfect for small-business sites.


“Jane’s website review was incredibly perceptive, detailed and thorough.
I got way more than I had even hoped for—pages of specific ideas to improve the look,
content, navigation and user experience of my website. We discussed each ideas and prioritized them.
Many improvements were simple things I could do in a few hours, but had not thought of before.”



Website visitors are notoriously fickle. Research shows it takes only four seconds to form a mental model of what lies ahead. A visitor will either dig further, or not, very quickly.

A solid website review can give you immediate and clear actions to take, as well as form the foundation on which to create a new website if that’s the where you’re headed.

There are three main areas where problems can lurk, leaving people confused or unsatisfied. I cover all of these. ››

3 Areas We Cover

1. Design

People respond to colors, fonts, layouts and images that make sense and feel right for the subject or business. There is no getting around time-tested design principles and strategies that help people find, understand and engage with information so they’ll take the action you want them to. Is the design up to date, or harkening back to the 90s? Is it visually cohesive? Does it represent your brand well?

2. Structure and navigation

Is information chunked, organized and labeled in a way that’s intuitive to the visitor? Are there too many click-thrus, or not enough? Is there an intentional customer path? Is there an underlying logic to the site?

3. Content and marketing

Will a visitor see their problem described on your home page in language they use? Can search engines find you? Is it clear who the website is addressing? Is there too much or not enough content? Do you have good calls-to-action in easy-to-find places?

(Download TAKING STOCK: A WEBSITE REVIEW as a PDF to share)

What to expect

  • A clear report broken into sections with expert observations and feedback, actionable steps you or someone else can take now (and in the future).
  • Confidence knowing that you’re headed in the right direction. Taking this one step can get you that much closer to making an impact with the important work you do.
  • Peace of mind and hours of time saved in worrying about your website. Take advantage of my years of thinking, worrying, doing, designing and strategizing.
  • If you were thinking about a redesign, you might discover with a website review that you can make adjustments that cost you next to nothing.

How it works

  • Just click Book a Website Review below and pay via PayPal.
  • Once I receive payment, I’ll be in touch to gather any critical information and set a schedule for when you can expect a report.
  • It should be 5–7 days from the time I receive payment and we’ve had a chance to connect. If I find that upon visiting your website you don’t need a review, I’ll refund your money. Ready to get started?

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