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What is StoryCraft?

Craft signifies something useful as well as beautiful. That’s what good writing is about. With a background in brand strategy, identity and marketing, I add value to every writing project because I understand how words and visuals reinforce one another.

Even as a visual designer, I recognize the power of the right words to tell the right story. To engage, educate, inspire, delight or encourage action. In an increasingly information-dense (and misinformation-dense) world, it’s more important than ever to create clear, authentic content to help the best businesses thrive. Here’s my story and a little about why I’m a good choice to help you thrive.

Who It’s For

Businesses and organizations that:

›› create a more positive future (sustainability, conservation)

›› encourage personal and professional well-being

›› nurture and promote arts, culture, design

What I Write

›› Brand messaging and positioning statements (internal and external)

›› Naming and taglines (company, products, programs and services)

›› Marketing collateral and website copy

›› Articles and white papers

›› Social media and newsletter content

›› From scratch or wordsmithing existing copy for clarity and impact

What I’ve Written

Brand and marketing messaging (PDF download).

Freelancers Union Contributions

Food Writing (PDF download).

White Papers (PDF download).

Fresh content awaits. Drop me a line and let’s tell a better story to the right people.

Tools & Resources
›› Attributes Finder: a key part of your brand image and personality.
›› Brand Messaging Components: here are the key elements that should compose your brand messaging
›› One-page Marketing Plan: a template for a simple marketing plan
›› Messaging Templates: a template for generating your brand messaging
›› SWOT Analysis: a handy tool for considering your strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition