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Serious play.




Starting in 2015, I launched a jewelry line that manifests a lifetime of looking at the world and love of working with my hands. The jewelry and the brand reflect the contrasts and contradictions in the world. Can we enjoy color without its opposite? The dark needs the light. Play balances with seriousness. There’s beauty in the ugly, like peeling paint on a wall or scratches on a floor. Sometimes what’s imperfect is perfect just as it is.

In this brand identity, I try to evoke a sense of the urban environment from where much of the inspiration for the jewelry design comes. The shapes, colors and materials that surround us that often go overlooked. Within those elements are interesting surfaces and angles, the effects of wear and tear from use and the elements, all begging to be translated into a new form…one that’s wearable.


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jewelry brand logo design
Serendipitous mirrored letterforms of the J and P interlock like links in a chain. The hand-drawn style is a reminder of the maker behind the work.



Jewelry brand packaging items. Jane Pellicciotto
Repeating logo as a pattern for packaging or print/digital collateral. Custom fabric pattern design for jewelry pouches.

Business card design. Jane Pellicciotto

Jewelry packaging thank you cards. Jane Pellicciotto
Thank you and jewelry care card packaging inserts.
Postcard for jewely line. Jane Pellicciotto
General postcard design for mailings or packaging inserts.
Stickers, packaging tags and Instagram highlights cover icons
Craft show banner design. Jane Pellicciotto
Banner design for craft and art show booth

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