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What’s Your Best Offer?

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Is “on time and within budget” the first few lines of your marketing message?

If you had to remove those words, what would your story be?

Everyone worries about spending money, even those with deep pockets. And if someone hires you they hope you’ll finish on time. Both are universal concerns.

They’re also the least a customer can expect. A built-in feature. And when you’re not the cause of a ballooning budget or a blown schedule, your best offering is now shot.

Even if you’re serving the fast and cheap crowd, you still need to stand out among all the other businesses using the same line.

Better is to include these base-level offerings on a dedicated page about your process. That’s where the features go.

What you capture attention with is either what sets you apart from others in your same industry, or demonstrating an understanding of your customers’ fears and dreams. Or a combination.

• What do people compliment you on?

• What part of your personality are you hiding that could be unleashed, such as a sense of humor?

• What are you most proud of?

• What do potential customers worry about most (aside from time and money)?

• What feeling will your work leave them with? Relief? Delight? Confidence?

The problem is, we don’t often view our own marketing messages in the context of those we compete with. Listings are one of the best places to look if it fits your industry, such as Houzz. But even visiting 10 of your competitors’ sites will be eye opening. That’s what your potential customers are doing.

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