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Last year I wrote about sorbets, including rhubarb and rhubarb in general with a recipe for a galette.

I’ve pretty much exhausted the subject, so this is just a gentle reminder to get yourself some rhubarb while the getting is good. Okay, I have one thing left to say. Because rhubarb is tangy, it crosses over the savory and sweet range. Most people think of dessert but rhubarb, much like cherries or mangoes for example, can be made into a sauce or salsa to liven up pork, chicken or fish.

For example, the galette below is great topped with goat cheese and served alongside a salad, much like you would quiche or a sandwich. (Then you can have another for dessert.)

You can download the sorbet and galette recipes below. Both are easy to make. And they’ll impress your guests. But why share?

You can make these with only rhubarb or add strawberries. I prefer to let the rhubarb stand on its own, and strawberries won’t be out for some time yet.

The galette dough, by the way, can be a base for endless sweet or savory concoctions from roasted beet to caramelized onion to blueberry. It takes just minutes to make the dough. Enjoy!


  1. pisstkitty says:

    I just defrosted a tub of rhubarb plum compote that I found hiding in the back of the freezer from last year (there are TREASURES back there!)….delish with yogurt for lunch today.

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